The indisputable power of nature is the power of NordShield®

The indisputable power of nature is the power of NordShield®

A revolutionary, natural based and powerful antimicrobial technology against viruses, bacteria and fungi - and free of heavy metals.

Introduction to NordShield®

Year 2020 laid a strong foundation for the growth of NordShield®

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NordShield® - unparalleled technology for antiviral and antibacterial protection 

Natural based

Safe for environment

Free of heavy metals



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Offering a wide range of applications for protection

NordShield® technology is, just as our nature, versatile. In its different forms, it can be used across a variety of applications and industries to capture, eliminate and prevent bacteria, viruses and fungi from the treated surface. 



Durable anti-mold, antibacterial and antiviral technology for fibers, sustainable and without heavy metals.


As proof of its goodness, NordShield®´s patented, water based technology for fibers has been classified e.g. as non-toxic to the environment and non-sensitizing.



Long-lasting antiviral and antibacterial protection with wide application range. 


Pure protection with sustained efficacy due to unique natural based NordShield® technology.



Antibacterial solutions for wound care and cosmetics, free of heavy metals and harmful chemicals.

NordShield® protects against Covid-19

Statement on efficacy:

NordShield® works against MVA,

a surrogate virus for Covid-19

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How NordShield® works

NordShield® technology forms an antimicrobial barrier on the treated surface. This barrier creates a durable anti-viral and anti-bacterial layer, eliminating potential viruses and bacteria that were already on it, physically stopping them from spreading, and protecting the surface from further contamination. This inhibits also e.g so called superbugs from developing, as a potential mutation can be stopped.


NordShield® on the desired surface, from skin to textiles


Harmful microbes and prevent them from spreading


The surface with a durable barrier

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Highest performance for sustainability

"Our commitment to nature and sustainability is in our DNA. It is an expression of our utmost respect for the nature of our Nordic origin, a nature that for centuries has nourished us, given us protection, and enabled our lives. We are on a mission to create the best tomorrow for our planet and the life on it - NordShield® is the answer."