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NordShield becomes the first Finnish chemical supplier to join the bluesign® SYSTEM

NordShield, a global supplier of plant-based textile treatment solutions, proudly announces that it is the first chemical supplier in Finland to become the bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER. This recognition underscores NordShield's pioneering role in sustainability, safety, and environmental responsibility within the textile industry.


bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNERS are responsibly acting parties of the textile value chain committed to applying the bluesign® SYSTEM. They aim to continuously improve their environmental performance and are focused on a sustainable future.


The bluesign® SYSTEM is the solution for sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the start of the manufacturing process, and it sets and controls standards for environmentally friendly and safe production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide but also gives consumers confidence in purchasing less harmful products.


This status will further enhance NordShield's ability to collaborate with leading global brands and manufacturers who share the vision of a more sustainable future. It also reinforces NordShield's position as an industry leader in providing biobased, effective, and sustainable textile treatment solutions.


About NordShield

Nordic Biotech Group, established in 2016, is dedicated to providing innovative, sustainable solutions, replacing non-renewable ingredients and heavy metals in antimicrobial and anti-odor textile treatment products. NordShield leverages Finnish research to enhance textile performance, user experience, and shift towards responsible, scalable protection. Our vision promotes sustainable, toxic-free ingredients in textile treatments, offering a unique plant-based alternative. As pioneers, we redefine textile protection standards, fostering a green transition and lasting impact through partnerships with responsible consumer brands and textile mills.


For more information about NordShield and its commitment to sustainability, please visit For more information on bluesign®, please visit


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