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NordShield enters the world’s largest textile production region

Finnish textile protection innovator NordShield expands rapidly and is now locally available to textile mills in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh – distributed by Jintex, the Taiwan-based leading auxiliary provider.

By starting to mimic how trees protect themselves from bacteria and virus, NordShield has created the next generation of textile protection that improves user experience and makes products last longer. NordShield’s innovations are based on bio-based substances and provide functional alternatives to the non-sustainable ingredients currently used in textile protection and traditional antimicrobial treatments.

“The Asian and South-Asian regions stand for the majority of world textile production, so to be able to supply mills effectively through local distribution is a key factor to our continued expansion”, says NordShield’s Vice President Sales, Janne Hakonen. “The shift towards sustainability in the textile industry is happening, but we need to be able to bring about change in great scale. By collaborating with Jintex we will be able to introduce safe and sustainable textile protection that improves product performance to the world’s largest mills.”

A distribution agreement makes NordShield part of Jintex’ portfolio of high-end auxiliaries and dyes and further strengthens Jintex’ commitment to offering green chemicals and innovative functional products.

“We mainly focus on biobased auxiliaries, so NordShield fits perfectly into our range”, says Safina Liang, Marketing Manager at Jintex. “We have not previously been able to find functioning bio-based anti-odor or antimicrobial products, so NordShield is an innovative technology that fills a gap in the market. The need for added functionality and protection that makes textiles last longer is growing, so we anticipate great demand from customers.”

NordShield is available through Jintex immediately, distributed both from Taiwan and from subsidiaries across the region.

For more information:

Janne Hakonen

+358 408 456 046

Safina Liang

+88 691 041 0130


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