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We have harnessed the power of nature for the protection of our planet and the life on it.

The problem we are solving

We aim to improve the environmental impact of the textile industry, which today consumes large quantities of toxic solutions that is often hazed by green washing.


Reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry by reducing landfill by extending the longevity of textiles.


NordShield offers a sustainable solution to improve the lifetime of textiles, an environmentally friendly alternative to the widely used toxic solutions.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to increase the use of sustainable, renewable, and toxic-free ingredients in antimicrobial and anti-odor textile treatments.


NordShield offers a unique alternative in the field of plant based antimicrobial and anti-odor solutions. As pioneers, we redefine the standards of textile protection and set new benchmarks for performance and sustainability. We are a frontrunner in the transformation of norms, behaviour, and attitudes necessary to enable the green transition and a lasting impact.


We will achieve this transition by partnering with strong consumer brands and textile mills, with a similar responsible mindset.

NordShield® ISO certifications for highest quality standards

Highest quality standards

Our certified quality management system ensures the highest quality research and development toward creating products for the consumer and medical device markets.

ISO certificatins

Leadership of NordShield®


Christian Ramm-Schmidt Chairman of the Board at NordShield®

Mr. Ramm-Schmidt is a board professional with extensive experience in consumer goods and large scale internationalization. As the CEO he lead the expansion of Baltic Beverages Holding to become one of the the world's largest brewery corporations.


Mr. Ramm-Schmidt is currently a member of the board in e.g. Aidian Ltd (former Orion Diagnostica), a leading Point-of-Care Diagnostics company

Christian Ramm-Schmidt

Chairman of the Board

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  • Christian Ramm-Schmidt
David Jay Weber Advisory Board at NordShield®

Mr. Weber is a Professor in medicine, pediatrics and edpidemiology, associate Chief Medical Officer of UNC Health Care and the Director of Regulatory Services for the North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute.


Dr. Weber serves as Medical Director of hospital epidemiology (infection control) and as Director of the UNC Health Care Anti-Infective Stweardship.

David Jay Weber, M.D.

Scientific Advisory Board

Per Saris Advisory Board at NordShield®

Per Saris, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board

Mr. Saris is a Microbiology Professor who has studie antimicrobial peptides since 1990 at the University of Helsinki, Finland.


Later, his research area was broadened to antimicrobial action of other natural compounds, like resin, especially to make surfaces with antimicrobial properties. 

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  • Per Saris
Seppo Mäkinen Advisory Board at NordShield®

Mr. Mäkinen is an expert in gas, liquid chromatography, including laboratory R&D and sales and marketing positions Millipore/Waters.


Mr. Mäkinens professional career includes a variety of Senior Leaderships positions in Life Science and Biotech.

Today, he is an investor and board member in Bittium Oyj, Optomed Oyj, VodeoVisits Oy and AegirBio AB. 

Seppo Mäkinen, MSc

Scientific Advisory Board

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  • Seppo Mäkinen
Kristoffer Ekman CEO at NordShield®

Kristoffer Ekman


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Paul Wasastjerna CFO at NordShield®

Paul Wasastjerna


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Janne Hakonen VP Medical Division at NordShield®

Janne Hakonen

VP Sales

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Greta Waissi

VP Regulatory Affairs

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Ville Tieaho

VP Technology

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"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

– Michael Jordan

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