NordShield® protects the planet, people and surfaces

We have harnessed the power of nature for the protection of our planet and the life on it.

The problem we are solving

We live in a world where super bacteria are an ever-increasing risk to human well-being.


To cope with this threat, more and more harmful antimicrobial solutions based on heavy metals and high amounts of chemicals have been used.


These toxins affect both our environment and our health.


Fortunately, we have a safer, more effective alternative, which will change how we use antimicrobials forever.

Vision &


Our vision is to eliminate the usage of non-sustainable, non-renewable and toxic ingredients in antimicrobial protection.


By offering a superior alternative for antimicrobial products, we are making a positive impact on our world and making the new normal as safe as possible.


This we will achieve by partnering with strong brands that utilize the best technology of today in creating the best tomorrow for our planet and the life on it, NordShield®.

The meaning behind NordShield®

Our logo is a reflection of our brand name NordShield®,

which means Nordic shield.


The North Star at the center of our logo has a special meaning for us Nordic people, as it has for centuries guided us onto the right path, just as we want to show the right path towards more sustainability.


Carbon atoms form the perfectly regular hexagon, the most stable structure known to man kind. Protecting and supporting the North Star at the center of our logo, all these elements together form the shield of highest protection.

Year 2020 laid a strong foundation for the growth of NordShield®

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ISO certification for highest quality standards

Highest quality standards

Our certified quality management system ensures the highest quality research and development toward creating products for the consumer and medical device markets.


Leadership of NordShield®


Christian Ramm-Schmidt

Chairman of the Board

  • Christian Ramm-Schmidt

David Jay Weber, M.D.

Scientific Advisory Board

David Jay Weber

Per Saris, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Per Saris

Seppo Mäkinen, MSc

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Seppo Mäkinen

Kristoffer Ekman


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Emmi Kavander

Chief Communications Officer

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Janne Hakonen

VP Sales & Medical Division

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Kari Holopainen

Executive VP & Inventor

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Greta Waissi

Head of Regulatory Affairs

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Stefan Sandås

VP Technical Services

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Join our team

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

- Michael Jordan

Nature as the architect of NordShield®

Nature is the greatest scientist and the creator of the essence of our technology. We would never put ourselves above nature, we as scientists are humble to the indisputable power given us by nature, which we have harnessed into the power of NordShield® technology - for the protection of our planet and the life on it. We are committed to naturality and celebrate Mother Nature as the architect of the source of our power.