Antimicrobial power for the protection of life

We have harnessed nature's ancient antimicrobial power for the protection of life.

Unique technology as base for NordShield® Fiber and NordShield® Brilliant product families

NordShield® technology can be used on a variety of surfaces from skin to plastic and fibers. Due to its unique properties it is easy to apply, does not change the feel of the surface or textile, while providing durable efficacy.

The uniqueness of our technology comes from an ultra thin layer that forms a physical barrier against viruses, bacteria and fungi. NordShield® inactivates microbes and stops them from spreading, acting as a physical and yet invisible armor.

NordShield® Fiber

Durable anti-mold, antibacterial and antiviral technology for fibers, sustainable and without heavy metals.

As proof of its goodness, NordShield®´s patented, water based technology for fibers has been classified e.g. as non-toxic to the environment and non-sensitizing.



Anti-mold treatment for transport and warehousing.



Long-lasting antiviral and antibacterial efficacy through a mechanical barrier.


Pathogen Barrier 

Durable pathogen barrier against viruses and bacteria, classified as medical device.

High efficacy anti-mold treatment free of heavy metals without the need for additional silica bags or poly bags

Creating a physical yet invisible armor against viruses and bacteria, with antimicrobial efficacy lasting more than the average lifetime of a garment

A sustainable and safer alternative with antimicrobial properties that sustain min. 30 washes

For transport and warehousing of fiber goods

For the next level added value in consumer fibers

Highest protection for the medical field

NordShield® Brilliant

Long-lasting antiviral and antibacterial protection with wide application range. 

Pure protection with sustained efficacy due to unique natural based NordShield® technology.



Brilliant Masks

Antibacterial, antiviral with long-lasting antimicrobial protection for masks.

Antiviral and antibacterial masks to avoid spread of diseases

For consumer products


Brilliant Surfaces

Antibacterial and antiviral with long-lasting antimicrobial protection for surfaces and in wipes.

Protection of surfaces against transmitting diseases

For consumer and professionally used products


Brilliant Hands

Antibacterial, antiviral with long-lasting antimicrobial protection.

Long-lasting disinfection of hands

Preventative protection instead of temporary effect of alcohol based products


Brilliant Feet

Antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal,  with long lasting antimicrobial protection for feet and shoes.

Long-lasting protection for feet and shoes against fungi and odors

For consumer products and manufacturers of footwear

NordShield® Clear

Antibacterial solutions for wound care and cosmetics, free of heavy metals and harmful chemicals.


Clear Skin

Antimicrobial protection in ointments and cosmetics.

Antimicrobial protection

For ointments and cosmetics


Clear Wounds

Prevention of infections in wound care.

To be classified as medical device

For the medical field in wound care

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NordShield® works against MVA, a surrogate virus for Covid-19

NordShield® has proven efficacy against the MVA virus.

Statement on efficacy against Sars-CoV-2 by Per Saris, Professor in Microbiology, Department of Microbiology at University of Helsinki


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Natural based

Non-invasive for nature

Scalable in production

Safe for the environment

Free of heavy metals

Eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi

Durable protection

Integration in production or as post-treatment

NordShield® technology applications

Sanitizing Surfaces

Surface Disinfection

Hand Touching Water

Wound & Skin

Cosy Living Room

Home & Work

Clothes on Outdoor Rack

Textile & Fibers

Doctor's Clinic

Medical Equipment


Natural based.