Antimicrobial power for the protection of life

We have harnessed nature's ancient antimicrobial power for the protection of life.

Three main product families

NordShield® technology can be used to treat a variety of surfaces from skin to plastic, metal and fibers. Due to its unique properties it is easy to apply and provides durable efficacy. Our technology is developed for use in anti-fungi, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral applications. 

NordShield´s® water based technology for textile treatments has been extensively tested, it does not include heavy metals and has been classified as: non-toxic to the environment, non-sensitizing and not classified as acutely toxic.


Fiber Treatments

The NordShield® anti-mold treatment efficiently inhibits the growth of microbes.


This protects garments that have been e.g. produced or shipped in humid conditions from becoming moldy before reaching the end destination, and therefore needing to be disposed of.


Medical Treatment

A CE-marked medical device by regulation, it is a solution that once applied on a surface, forms an antimicrobial layer on the treated surface.

After the treatment, potential viruses and bacteria on the surface are eliminated and new ones can't attach to it.


Clear Solutions

In the personal and animal care segment, our technology with its antibacterial properties can be used in salves, creams and solvent based products.


It inhibits the 

growth of microbes, including those causing odors, fungi, yeast or inflammations (e.g. acne). 

NordShield® protects against Covid-19

NordShield® has proven efficacy against the MVA virus.

Statement on efficacy against Sars-CoV-2 by Per Saris, Professor in Microbiology, Department of Microbiology at University of Helsinki


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Natural based

Non-invasive for nature

Scalable in production

Safe for the environment

Free of heavy metals

Eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi

Durable protection

Integration in production or as post-treatment

NordShield® technology applications

Sanitizing Surfaces

Surface Disinfection

Hand Touching Water

Wound & Skin

Cosy Living Room

Home & Work

Clothes on Outdoor Rack

Textile & Fibers

Doctor's Clinic

Medical Equipment


Natural based.