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Nordic BioTech Group Ltd.

Keilaranta 15 B

FI-02150 Espoo



+358 (0) 10200513

Company registration number: 2783362-7

Company VAT-number: 2783362-7

Managing Director: Kristoffer Ekman

Website ownership: Nordic BioTech Group Ltd.

Strongest in Finland certificate

A company that has earned the Strongest in Finland -certificate is a powerful influence in the Finnish economy now and in the future.

The certificate is a sign of a company’s positive financial figures, background information and good payment behaviour. That tells the customers, partners, credit allowers and other stakeholders that cooperation with the company is on a steady foundation.

The certificate is based on the Rating Alfa -credit rating of Suomen Asiakastieto.

We at Nordic BioTech Group Ltd. are proud to have been awarded with a Strongest in Finland certificate 2020.

NordShield strongest in Finland certificate
Strongest in Finland certifcate
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