NordShield® the natural based alternative

The unique alternative from nature, enabling the best tomorrow.

NordShield® protects the planet

Across industries, antimicrobial products are needed for a variety of uses.

NordShield® offers a natural alternative with a low burden on our environment when being produced or used.

Protect nature

Our technology is made from side streams of the forest industry, which means that no tree is harmed in the production of our solutions. As the end product is equally safe for the environment and life on our planet, the whole life cycle of our technology is sustainable.

The only way to win is by creating holistic, sustainable approaches.

Protect life

Life needs protection and care, whether for people or animals. Our technology was created as a result of more than a decade of scientific research, with a vision of providing a natural alternative for antimicrobial protection. 

The answer is NordShield® technology.

Awarded as Sustainable

Healthcare Innovation 2019

"A revolutionary antimicrobial innovation developed by nature, perfected by science”.


– Sustainable healthcare in a true sense.

Nordic Centet for Sustainable Health Care
NordShield® is sustainable using renewable and natural ingredients


is fundamental

We believe that only by choosing renewable, natural ingredients can we truly enable the best tomorrow. Our solutions are not only produced sustainably, but at the same time help companies across industries become more sustainable by using them in their products.

Respect is core to everything we do

We respect the nature that has created the ingredients to our technology, we respect our people that have harnessed it for the protection of our planet and the life on it. We respect all our stakeholders and partners for choosing to commit to ensuring the best tomorrow.