NordShield® has harnessed nature´s pure antimicrobial power to protect

Harnessing nature's pure antimicrobial power to protect.

A wood based antimicrobial technology

NordShield® revolutionizes the way antimicrobials work. Our technology forms an ultra-thin physical layer on the treated surface, free of heavy metals or quaternary ammonium cations (QUATs), providing safer, sustainable and long lasting antimicrobial protection onto the product. The layer has unique adhesion properties to a wide range of surfaces and inhibits microbial growth on the treated surface or its pores.


The innovative NordShield® technology can be used in variety of ways across industries.

NordShield® follows the GC 12 principles

of Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry (also called sustainable chemistry) has been established by EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency). Green chemistry is defined as the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the generation of hazardous substances. Main aspects of NordShield® technology are that it is biodegradable and replacing toxic components with more sustainable ones (replacing e.g. heavy metals, QUATs and isothiazolinone).


Sustainable production from

forest industry side streams

For the production of NordShield® solutions, we utilise side streams of the forest industry to optimize the usage of our valuable Nordic forests. The end product is a sustainable one, thus fully supporting our partners' sustainability goals.

NordShield® is produced by using forest industry side streams

NordShield® technology sets a new standard

We provide a unique combination as a sustainable and high efficacy alternative to the problems of harmful antimicrobials currently in use. NordShield® technology is based on renewable, natural resources without heavy metals, thus minimizing the chemical load on our environment while being cost-competitive.


Natural based


Based on renewable ingredients

Non-invasive for nature

Scalable production

Free of heavy metals


Inactivates bacteria, viruses & fungi

High efficacy

Low variability





Technology in antiviral and antibacterial fiber applications

Other natural based products


Heavy metal based

products (current standard)

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Our technology has received

Dermatest Excellent rating

Dermatest rating

We have received the Dermatest GmbH rating "excellent" for our antimicrobial fiber applications NordShield BioLayr®, NordShield® Pathogen Barrier, and NordShield® Brilliant Fresh


NordShield® technology is unique

Natural based

Non-invasive for nature

Scalable in production

Integration in production or as post-treatment

Free of heavy metals

Eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi

Durable protection

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The best of both worlds:

Nature and Science

NordShield® as a commercial technology was born after more than 10 years of researching, developing, testing, verifying, certifying and patenting. The result is a revolutionary technology with a unique combination of naturality, power and efficacy.


Our technology enables the strongest protection with highest naturality - a creation as unique as our nature.