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NordShield® has harnessed nature´s power to protect

Harnessing nature's pure  power to protect.

The NordShield® technology forms an ultra-thin layer on the treated surface, free of heavy metals or quaternary ammonium cations (QUATs), providing a long lasting and enhanced protection onto the product. 


The innovative NordShield® technology can be used in variety of ways across industries.

NordShield® follows the GC 12 principles
of Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry (also called sustainable chemistry) has been established by EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency). Green chemistry is defined as the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the generation of hazardous substances. Main aspects of NordShield® technology are that it is biodegradable and replacing toxic components with more sustainable ones (replacing e.g. heavy metals, QUATs and isothiazolinone).

Green chemistry

Sustainable production

For the production of NordShield® solutions, we use nature´s own substances to achieve functional effects. The end product is sustainable, thus fully supporting our partners' sustainability goals.

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NordShield® Fiber Technologies

Two solutions, one goal: To make replace heavy metal textile treatments with plant-based solutions that deliver on anti-odor effect or antimicrobial properties – and improve product performance.

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