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For fresh and longer lasting products

NordShield Crisp® protects cellulose-rich fabrics and garments against bad odor and reduces linting. It’s an invisible, yet highly effective protective layer that improves textile performance. Say hi to sustainable, safe and scalable innovation – inspired by nature.

Non-biocidal odor capture technology

  • Tested by Microbe Investigations Switzerland according to standard ISO 17299
    Test result: Pass: Excellent – Perfect Application

  • Test summary: The samples present a high odor reduction rate (ORR) for nonenal and isovaleric acid. (Sample 95 % cotton, 5 % elastane) 

  • OEKO-TEX Ecopassport approved

  • Dermatest® rating Excellent

  • NordShield Crisp® is a USDA certified Biobased Product


Improves product performance

• Enables fewer washing cycles, while maintaining freshness

• The ultra-thin layer doesn’t affect functional properties
of the fabric

• Minimises particle release
and microfibre pollution

What’s that smell?
Odor in textiles is a combination of two effects, microbial growth, and chemical adsorption.

Microbial growth

Bacteria form biofilm on the fiber. They feed off sweat and sebum compounds and degrade them to volatiles that smell bad. 

Odorous substances

The skin flora releases particles that are adsorbed by the fiber. When these are released, bad smell happens.


NordShield Crisp® is an odor control technology that makes fabrics and garments stay fresh for longer, contributing to longer lasting products.
The layer formed by NordShield Crisp® cannot be seen or felt, but it’s there, enhancing the user experience by hindering bad odor.


Are you interested in using our technology to give your products enhanced protection? Contact our business development team.

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