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Groundbreaking Nordic textile protection now available in Japan and The Republic of Korea

Japanese textile manufacturers can now gain access to NordShield, the latest Nordic innovation in textile protection. Collaboration with Sinanen Zeomic makes the next generation technology available to Japan and The Republic of Korea’s highly advanced textile mills.

“We are committed to ensuring that green, natural options are provided to the textile industry”; says Takao Kato, General Sales Manager of Sinanen Zeomic. “NordShield fits perfectly with our philosophy and means that we take yet another step in the transition towards sustainability. By a distribution agreement with NordShield we are pioneering a new generation of technology with minimal environmental impact.”

NordShield is a Finnish innovation that builds on research on how trees protect themselves from bacteria and virus. Applied to textiles, the molecular-level technology improves user experience and makes textiles last longer. Being based on bio-based substances, NordShield works with nature, never against it and thus provides functional alternatives to ingredients currently used in textile protection and traditional antimicrobial treatments.

Sinanen Zeomic is a leading developer and supplier of textile antimicrobial treatments. Products from Sinanen Zeomic feature in some of the world’s most advanced textile products from leading global brands.

“NordShield is about providing safe-to-use technology that enables leading textile mills to lessen their environmental impact as well as providing end-users with products that last longer and are easier to care for”; says Kristoffer Ekman, CEO of NordShield. “We are proud to be represented by Sinanen Zeomic in Japan and The Republic of Korea, a company that works with some of the very best mills in the industry. Together, we can make real impact and create garments and textiles of the highest standard. Quality equals sustainability and that’s what we contribute to.”

For more information:

Janne Hakonen

+358 408 456 046

Kristoffer Ekman


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