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NordShield® Brilliant series is now dermatologically tested with the rating of „excellent“

Espoo, 11 November 2021 – Nordic BioTech Group Ltd, marketed as NordShield® ("NordShield®") has completed new dermatological tests for its cutting edge disinfectants of the NordShield® Brilliant series.

The entire NordShield® Brilliant series has received the 3-star quality seal and rating “excellent” in dermatological tests conducted by renown Dermatest GmbH in Germany.

NordShield® Brilliant ready products, marketed as NordShield® Brilliant Hands,

NordShield® Brilliant Surfaces, and NordShield® Brilliant Fresh (latter used against bad odor in shoes, feet and performance gear) have been “dermatologically tested”. The tests have been done for sensitisation according to a repetitive epicutaneous test (occlusive patch test) for primary skin irritation and detection of sensitisation of humans based on three applications within seven weeks of NordShield® Brilliant and been given a rating of „excellent“. This testing on humans was performed by Dermatest® GmbH (ISO 9001:2015) on 30 panellists of either sex, all without visible skin diseases or known hypersensitivity.

Under the conditions of this study NordShield® Brilliant ready products fulfil the following statements:

  • No evidence of any skin disorder was detected in the test area of any of the 30 panellists after conducting patch testing for 24 h, 48 h and 72 hours according to the internationally recognised guidelines of ICDRG (International Contact Dermatitis Research Group).

  • During the first two patch tests in week 1 and 3, the test persons were intensively contacted with the test substance. With the third epicutaneous test in week 7, a possible very high sensitization potential of the preparation was largely excluded.”

  • None of the 30 test persons presented any allergic or allergic-hyperergic reactions in the third and therefore conclusive patch test.

  • It can be concluded that the use of the product will not cause any unwanted skin reactions due to an irritating effect.

  • Contract trademark (Dermatest® 3-star quality seal) can be used by Nordic BioTech Group Ltd in reference to NordShield® Brilliant products


About NordShield®

Nordic BioTech Group, branded as NordShield®, is the world-leading innovative biotechnology company in the field of developing new bio-based antimicrobial solutions. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Espoo, Finland, NordShield® is disrupting the field of antimicrobial technology through a durable, wood-based alternative for antimicrobial surface protection utilized across applications and industries. NordShield® as a commercial technology was born after more than ten years of researching, developing, testing, verifying, certifying, and patenting. The result is a revolutionary technology with a unique combination of naturality, power and efficacy. This scalable technology enables the strongest protection with the highest innovativeness - a creation as unique and powerful as nature and one that leaves nothing but goodness behind.

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Emmi Kavander, Chief Communications Officer / NordShield®



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