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NordShield® appoints Swedbank as lead advisor to explore financing options

Espoo, 6th April 2021 – Nordic BioTech Group Oy, marketed as NordShield® ("NordShield®" or "the Company") has appointed Swedbank AB (publ) as their lead financial advisor to explore different financing options, including possibilities for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) by listing the Company's shares on Nasdaq Helsinki First North.

NordShield® has surpassed material milestones in its scientific research, technology and product development. The Company’s disruptive and unique antimicrobial biotechnology that is free of heavy metals has, in its various applications, high antimicrobial (antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal) efficacy, and follows green chemistry standards. Currently, this technology has been commercialized in two segments, NordShield® Fiber and NordShield® Brilliant, with further application areas in the pipeline. Both operational segments have shown exponentially increasing interest and demand from businesses globally.

Current standard antimicrobial solutions are based on toxic chemicals and heavy metals such as silver zeolites, silver salts, copper and zinc. Heavy metals are non-renewable substances that are harmful, leach into the environment and into the bodies of end users. NordShield®’s biodegradable technology has versatile application areas and can, with further product development over time, widely substitute heavy metals in antimicrobial treatments across industries.

The NordShield® Fiber segment contains NordShield® EcoLayr, a natural based solution for protecting textiles from mold during transport and warehousing, a billion dollar issue in the textile industry globally; NordShield® BioLayr, a biodegradable and non-biocidal, antiviral and antibacterial treatment for consumer textiles such as clothes, which keeps its min. 99.9% antimicrobial efficacy for a minimum of 30 washes; and NordShield® Pathogen Barrier, an equally durable, efficient and sustainable CE-marked solution, which is classified as class I medical device for antimicrobial protection the in medical and health care areas.

The NordShield® Brilliant segment has brought a new kind of disinfectant to the market, which combined with ethanol gives an instant kill effect on microbes such as viruses and bacteria, and as a unique selling point has scientifically proven its disruptive antimicrobial layer with min. 99.9% reduction of microbes to keep 100% efficacy even after five weeks on the treated surface, while the duration can vary based on the surface and the strain on it. NordShield® Brilliant technology can be applied e.g. to hands, textiles and surfaces for disinfection, as well as on shoes and performance gear to eliminate odors.

The ever-increasing demand for antimicrobial solutions paired with global and governmental initiatives that actively drive sustainable solutions to current harmful technologies on the market, sets NordShield®’s highly natural and powerful technology in a uniquely competitive position.

After more than 10 years of research and development (R&D), testing, certifying and having filed multiple international patent applications, NordShield® is ready to start its global commercial roll-out.

This year NordShield® will together with SHL Healthcare bring the world’s first commercially produced and widely available medical textiles with natural based antimicrobial technology to the market. NordShield®’s long-term vision is to substitute all usage of non-renewable and heavy-metal based treatments in antimicrobial technologies.

"Exploring further financing options will support us in scaling our business and speeding up our product development that has nearly limitless areas of application. Our whole team is strongly committed to building the best tomorrow by driving adoption of antimicrobial protection that is safe for the planet and all life on it. Together with our partners, we are creating the best tomorrow.”

- Kristoffer Ekman, CEO of NordShield®

About NordShield®

Nordic BioTech Group, branded as NordShield®, is the world leading supplier of natural based antimicrobial solutions. NordShield® as a commercial technology was born after more than 10 years of researching, developing, testing, verifying, certifying and patenting. The result is a revolutionary technology with a unique combination of naturality, power and efficacy. This highly scalable technology enables the strongest protection with highest naturality - a creation as unique and powerful as nature and one that leaves nothing but goodness behind. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Espoo, Finland, NordShield® is disrupting the field of antimicrobial technology through a durable, natural based and safer alternative for antimicrobial protection that can be utilised across applications and industries.

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