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Natural based, revolutionary antimicrobial technology from NordShield® is now available in France

NordShield®, offering a unique and disruptive antimicrobial technology that is safe for users and environment, has partnered with French FbFc SAS for local distribution.

In the current new normal and the preparation of it, people increasingly need and rely on antimicrobial solutions. Current market standards, however, are not safe for people or the environment. A safe, non-toxic natural based technology called NordShield® has now become available in France.

Current standard solutions are based on heavy metals such as silver, silver zeolites, copper or zinc. All of them which leach into our environment and into our bodies. Sweden and Germany have as forerunners already started the preparations to ban the use of silver in products, such as face masks.

"Unfortunately the case of president Macron is not an individual case but one among many, too many, currently in the world. The threat opposed by heavy metal coatings in antimicrobial solutions to health, such as with silver, is one that has been long known. It is only the lack of alternatives so far that has kept them in the market."

Kristoffer Ekman, CEO of NordShield® comments

NordShield® as a commercial technology was born after more than 10 years of researching, developing, testing, verifying, certifying and patenting. The result is a revolutionary technology with a unique combination of naturality, power and efficacy. This highly scalable technology enables the strongest protection with highest naturality - a creation as unique as our nature.

Fields of application for the NordShield® technology include fibres and textiles such as in garments or face masks, as well as medical devices and personal care solutions.

NordShield® offers help to the government

To celebrate the launch in France and as an act of humanity to support the frontline healthcare workers in France, NordShield® offers the antimicrobial treatment for up to 100 million face masks to the government for free.

"We want to enable the best tomorrow, and thus offer our technology to help those fighting at the forefront of this pandemic. At times like these we need to show solidarity, and it would be an honor to provide our technology also to the French population."

Kristoffer Ekman, CEO of NordShield® further comments

To support distribution in France, NordShield® has partnered with the local FbFc SAS to ensure the availability for the French market.

"We are excited about distributing NordShield® in France. In my 30 years of experience in the health care industry globally, have I never before encountered something as ground breaking as this technology. Protecting French people against increasing threats from viruses, such as Covid-19, is highest priority and we are honoured to be able to ensure this in such a sustainable and safe way."

François Berteloot, President of FbFc SAS

About NordShield®

Nordic BioTech Group, branded as NordShield®, is the world leading supplier of natural based antimicrobial solutions. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Espoo, Finland, NordShield® is disrupting the field of antimicrobial technology through a durable, natural based and safe alternative for antimicrobial protection that can be utilised across applications and industries.

For more information, visit or watch our introduction video.

Contact to NordShield®:

Emmi Kavander, Chief Communications Officer / NordShield®

Contact to FbFc SAS

François Berteloot, President of FbFc SAS / +33 7 82 32 89 51


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