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Announcement of partnership between SHL Healthcare and NordShield®

SHL Healthcare and NordShield® enter into partnership to develop and commercialize unique medical textiles with natural based antimicrobial protection.

Espoo, Finland, 3 March 2021

Finnish based NordShield® offers a unique and disruptive antimicrobial technology that is safe for users and the environment. Swedish based SHL Healthcare is one of the world’s leading contract manufacturers and suppliers of MedTech solutions for home, hospital and long-term care use. Together, NordShield® and SHL Healthcare will develop the world’s first commercially produced and widely available medical textiles with natural based antimicrobial technology.

The textile products to be developed will fulfill the growing demand for sustainable and high-quality antimicrobial solutions in the medical field. The resulting textiles will be coated with NordShield® Pathogen Barrier, which provides a unique and durable physical layer to inactivate viruses and bacteria. SHL Healthcare will have the exclusive right to manufacture and market the selected, new antimicrobial Medical Textile products worldwide to its international customers.

NordShield® Pathogen Barrier is a durable, biodegradable and sustainably produced CE-marked solution for the prevention of diseases, classified as class I medical device. Contrary to current market standards, it is free of heavy metals, based on renewable substances and safe for the environment. The NordShield® Pathogen Barrier creates an ultra-thin layer on the fiber, forming an invisible and yet physical armor on it, which inactivates bacteria and viruses. The antimicrobial efficacy has been proven to last fully intact for a minimum of 30 washes.

SHL Healthcare textiles are high quality fiber-based products used in the medical environment either for the treatment of an injury or for the provision of an appropriate conditions in the clinical treatment of a wound or an illness.

The newly developed end products are expected to be available on the market during 2021.

"NordShield® enables us to be a forerunner in the environmental development of our industry, which gives us great competitive advantage. SHL has always been strongly committed to sustainability and feels a strong responsibility to offer environmental and safe solutions to its customers. The medical field needs to be safe for patients and staff but also for our planet, which made NordShield® the best choice for us."

- Erik Bolmgren, CEO of SHL Healthcare

"We are honored to enter into this partnership with such a globally respected and successful player in the medical field. SHL as a pioneer in design, development, and manufacturing of medical products is a perfect match for us as pioneers in our field of antimicrobial technology. We have always wanted to be helping to protect those working at the forefront to keep us healthy, and to ensure the safety of those that they are caring for. This partnership makes this dream become reality on a large scale."

- Kristoffer Ekman, CEO of NordShield®

About SHL Healthcare

SHL Healthcare is based in Stockholm, Sweden. We want to be the most desired technology development partner in contract manufacturing of Medtech products by leveraging our core competencies and capabilities in welding, sewing, assembly, electronics and regulatory know-how. We aim to create world-class innovations for the Medtech OEM/ODM industry.

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About NordShield®

Nordic BioTech Group, branded as NordShield®, is the world leading supplier of natural based antimicrobial solutions. NordShield® as a commercial technology was born after more than 10 years of researching, developing, testing, verifying, certifying and patenting. The result is a revolutionary technology with a unique combination of naturality, power and efficacy. This highly scalable technology enables the strongest protection with highest naturality - a creation as unique and powerful as nature and one that leaves nothing but goodness behind. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Espoo, Finland, NordShield® is disrupting the field of antimicrobial technology through a durable, natural based and safer alternative for antimicrobial protection that can be utilised across applications and industries.

For more information, visit or watch our introduction video.

Contact to NordShield®:

Emmi Kavander, Chief Communications Officer


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